I’ve been colorblind since birth. For me, red and green are the same. If it weren’t for music revealing the colors to me, I’d see everything in black and white. Music is my channel to understand and connect with the world.

I’ve always been surrounded by music. As a kid, I always flunked in painting and got excellent grades in music. Later, I studied piano, music theory, composition, and harmony at the Conservatory of Barcelona and at the Aula de Músicos de Jazz del Liceu (Berklee College of Music).

Since 1992, I’ve been working professionally on many musical projects, from films for the big screen to ads on the small screen. I’ve been involved in major exhibitions, interactive installations, and documentaries. I’ve created memorable jingles, themes for famous TV shows…

My passion for music leads me to collaborate on projects where I explore the fusion of acoustic sounds with electronics.